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Building Wall Panels

Al’s precast concrete wall panels offer the perfect solution to any build, from dairy parlors to commercial buildings and warehouses.

The panels are low maintenance, extremely durable, fire resistant, and virtually indestructible without interfering with radio signals, local, Wi-Fi and internet networks.

Buildings constructed with precast concrete wall panels have better sound control thanks to the concrete density’s ability to absorb sound. They are also more energy efficient as the sandwich-type insulation provides a very tight building with almost no cold transfer. Concrete’s high thermal mass allows the walls to absorb exterior heat, keeping the interior cool during the day, and any heat gains from inside are maintained longer.

Precast concrete walls are ideal for fast installation, saving money on the job site and labor costs. Al’s Concrete will custom-make panels in order to provide the exact size of building desired. The panels are produced in our plant-controlled environment, providing you with uniformity in quality and appearance. You also have the ability to customize your look with one of our many offered finishes: broom, rake, swirl, exposed aggregate and stamped.

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