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Great Service, only the highest quality and workmanship for 3 Generations!

  • Als Concrete T Panel Bunker Silo Walls on Grade
  • Completed Bunker Silo Medford WI
  • Als Pre Cast Walls used for Portland Sand and Salt Storage
  • Buildng with Als Pre Cast Wall Panels
  • Floor Slats and Cattle Guards
  • Feed Bunks, Fence-line and H-Bunks
  • Septic Tanks and Holding Tanks

Pre Cast Concrete Products 

Pre Cast Farm Products        Pre Cast Water and Wastewater Products,         Pre Cast Building Wall Panels

Al’s Concrete produces high quality Pre Cast Concrete Farm Products, Pre Cast Concrete Water and Wastewater Products, and Pre Cast Concrete Building Wall Panels.    For 3 generations we have proudly serviced customers throughout the upper midwest.  Today Bruce and Ben manage the company.  

Our product lines have continually expanded as the pre cast concrete products business has expanded as an industry.   While expanding we have maintained the strictest quality standards insuring our customers of a quality product that will serve their needs for many years to come. 

Contact Als Concrete Products today to discuss your needs.  Als Concrete Products, Family owned and operated for over 50 years!

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