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Feed Bunks

For durable, cost effective feeding solutions you can't beat the feed bunks produced by AL's Concrete Products, Inc.  We pride ourselves in producing only the finest quality feed bunk solutions.  Talk about flexiblity...both our H-BUNKS and SUPER HIGH CAPACITY feed bunks come in a variety of sizes to fill your requirements and fit your cattle. 

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H-Bunk Feed Trough-click to see printable specifications Standard Fence Line Feed Bunk-click to see printable specifications Super High Capacity Feed Bunk with Feed Saver Lip
Click to see printable spec sheet   Click to see printable spec sheet   Click to see printable spec sheet  
H-Bunk Standard Fence Line Bunk   Superhigh Capacity Fence Line Bunk  
5' Wide and 8' Long 36穤e and 10' Long 38" wide and 10' long
  Available 18 1/2" or 24" Height Cattle Side 24 1/2" Height on Cattle side  
Sizes   34" high on back side  
Over all Height   Depth in Feed Trough 15" Deep Trough  20" deep feed trough  6" Feed saver lip   
26" 16" 2500 lbs. per section    3000 lbs per section  
28" 14"    
30" 12"    
Drawing of H-Bunk Drawing or Als Concrete Products High Capacity Feed Bunk Drawing of Super High Capacity Feed Bunk
Als Concrete Products H-Bunk Feed Bunk module Standard Fence Line Feed bunk by Als Concrete Products, La Crescent, MN Click to display larger image below-Cable TubingClick to see larger image below-Guard Rail Post Als Super High Capacity Feed Bunk Module Als Super High Capacity Feed Bunk in Use
    Click to see larger image below-Inside Lot Steel Rail and Bunker Click to see larger image below Outside lot Steel Rail and Bunker Super High Capacity Feed Bunk in Use  Als Concrete Super High Capicity Feed Bunk in use
PDF of all three feedbunks spec sheets 

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